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Who We Are


We Are Exporters

As we are engaged in this business since 2005 G.C we are so much passionate and interested on this business and it’s our very dream to be the one who will contribute a lot for our country on this regard .We are exporting coffee to other world in order to introduce our number one and precious “Black gold” which is very unique and tasty compared to the other countries coffees.


We Work In Cooperate with producers

Since we do not have our own coffee farming yet, we are working with farmers who have more than three hectares of land and can export their coffee directly to the world market. Our partner farmers typically have commercial size farms of between 100 and 200 hectare, surrounded by many out growers. Once the coffee process has finalized we will export the coffee to our respected customers accordingly.

Working in our farming

We are planning to have our own coffee farm which will pave a great opportunity to get involved deeply and able to take care of the farming and produce the best coffee and supply our country’s biggest treasure to the rest of the world.


Our Credentials

Our company is one of the reliable suppliers of Ethiopian excellent green coffee. The company has got the best network and image among business community at national and international level.
  • Zebad General Export and Import P.L.C is a member of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporter’s Association(ECEA) and is a founding member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange(ECX) AND Ethiopian chamber of Commerce.
  • At an African level, we are a member of the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA). Furthermore, Zebad General Export and Import P/L/C took part at different international Exhibition which was held in different parts of the world. Including specialty Coffee Association of America (ESCA). Tea and Coffee Association (AFCA), an international Conference organized by international trade Center (ITC), and international Women’s Coffee Alliance(IWCA).
  • Zebad General Export and Import has a capacity of Exporting 4,000-5,000 metric tones of Coffee per year. The company sells unwashed and washed Coffees to all destinations, either directly to clients who are overseas or via commercial agents based in Addis Ababa or foreign countries.